10 stylish deck ideas with fire pits to extend those long summer evenings

There’s just something so romantic about a fire pit. Gathering around it with friends and family, drinking wine, toasting marshmallows, and cozying up with blankets. They add so much to a garden and yet are such an easy addition that can create an instant focal point to your decking or patio area. Plus, there are designs to suit all styles and sizes of outdoor space too, from tiny portable freestanding options, to gorgeous bespoke designs that can fit seamlessly into your current space. So be inspired to add this summer must have, with all these stylish deck ideas with fire pits. 

Can you put a fire pit on decking?

Before we get into lots of lovely deck ideas with fire pits, let’s talk safety. Can you have a fire pit on top of wooden decking? Obviously, fire and wood are not a good combination, unless you are putting said wood on the fire, so if you want to add a fire pit to a wooden deck there are steps you need to take first.