14 sunroom furniture ideas that are stylish and functional

As summer gives way to fall, sunrooms are the perfect way to keep enjoying the great outdoors. Even when it’s cold out, with some feature plants and natural furniture, sunrooms allow you to get that outdoors feeling all year round.

But how do you create your perfect bright indoor sunroom sanctuary? It can be difficult to decide how to furnish your sunroom as it is a super versatile space that can be used for just about anything. We’ve spoken to the experts about the best sunroom ideas and how to perfect them with furniture for both style and function.

1. Natural and neutral

White sunroom with ceiling fan, contemporary white sofa and wicker furniture

(Image credit: Jill Howard Design Studio)

Chose furniture made with natural elements like wood, bamboo or rattan with neutral shades to create a modern, relaxing space in any home. Laurie Wiluan, Founder and CEO of Personal Space MB says ‘A sunroom should be a place to reconnect with nature as much as possible. Use of sustainable products like bamboo or rattan is an excellent choice of textural elements that also invokes appreciation of nature. It doesn’t have to be your grandmother’s wicker chair. There are many contemporary shapes using these materials that will bring you back into alignment with Mother Earth.’