4 Lighting Trends to Latch Onto

A stunning and successful design scheme often relies heavily on lighting. Whether you’re considering modern, traditional, farmhouse, or whimsical decor, it’s important to thoughtfully consider the style and placement of your fixtures — from the infusion of patterns to statement pieces that wow, the lighting you choose can elevate your interior design in a big way! With that in mind, here are four current lighting trends to keep your eye on.

4 Lighting Trends to Latch Onto

Current lighting trends include gold statement fixtures such as the one featured in this design by Ashley Meier. Image: Paige Rumore Photography

4 Lighting Trends to Latch Onto

Nature-Inspired Pieces

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, nature certainly has a lot to brag about — particularly when it comes to current lighting trends. From palm fronds and feathers to willow leaves and ocean coral, the shape, design, and materials of trending lighting fixtures are heavily influenced by the world around us. “I have always been drawn to inspiration from nature when diving into the creative process of selections, so I am currently enamored with the growing trend in lighting options using stone, crystal, and even seagrasses,” says interior designer Lori Sain Smith of Daffodilly Design. “The use of classic lighting styles that incorporates natural materials offers a bridge to pull the overall aesthetic together.” Additionally, Karin Eaton, President and Founder of Ironware International, says, “Nature is unlimited in shapes and movement.” There’s an endless supply of natural beauty, and inspiration is often found in the most unexpected places!

Woven jute lighting fixture

Natural materials such as jute abound in current lighting trends. Image: Daffodilly Design

Ondine Chandelier from Ironware International

The Ondine Chandelier from Ironware International was inspired by seaweed. Image: Ironware International

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White and gold palm tree lamps in a living room

These palm frond-inspired pieces are absolutely eye-catching. Image: Epiphany Nashville

Functional Art

Artistic expression takes on many different forms, and it isn’t restricted to obvious mediums such as painting or pottery. In fact, your home can serve as the perfect canvas, too. When it comes to today’s lighting, sculptural shapes that make a statement are popping up everywhere, from bathrooms to home offices, offering an eye-catching focal point that adds personality to your space. Lynda McGuire, the owner of Riverside Frankin, says, “Bold, statement-piece lighting that serves as functional art is an inspiring trend we see in both business and residential settings.” Whether you’re considering a chandelier, sconces, floor lamps, or another style of lighting, don’t be afraid to be adventurous!

Nashville Design Collective showroom with multiple light fixtures

An artistic arrangement draws attention to the center of this space at the Nashville Design Collective. Image: Instagram

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Ornate floral chandelier from Daffodilly Design

An ornate fixture from Daffodilly Design offers a charming and artistic element for everything from an entryway to a living room space. Image: Daffodilly Design

Brass and Gold

While we keep reading that chrome is trying to make a comeback, brass and gold are actually the ones seeing a continued rise in popularity. “Carrying over from 2020, brass and gold metals continue to trend,” says Lynda, based on Riverside Franklin’s continued surge in lighting sales. From retro fixtures to those with a more industrial, contemporary feel, brass and gold lighting looks like it’s here to stay for at least a little while longer!

The Layla pendant from Ashley Meier

The Layla pendant from Ashley Meier is a gorgeous display of dangling antique brass chains. Image: Ashley Meier

Luna pendant in gold metal leaf finish

The stunning Luna pendant from Ironware International is pictured here in a gold metal leaf finish. Image: Ironware International

Gold wall sconce from Circa Lighting

An art piece in and of itself, this gold-toned wall sconce from Circa Lighting can pair with either a retro or contemporary design. Image: Circa Lighting Nashville

Crystals and Beads

The brilliance and character of a fixture with embellishments is a sight to behold. “We’re seeing unique applications of crystals combined with both wood and metal light fixtures,” says Lynda. Whether we’re talking raw, earth-sourced stones or handcrafted beads, there’s no doubt it’s a surefire recipe for success.

Turquoise beaded chandelier from Regina Andrew

The combination of natural materials with traditional patinas of the metals on a light fixture allows for a classic appeal in transitional design while offering a bit of unexpected charm,” says Daffodilly Design Owner Lori Sain Smith. Such is the case with this beautiful turquoise chandelier from Regina Andrew. Image: Regina Andrew

Stock and Trade showroom with crystal and brass chandelier

A frosted crystal beaded chandelier from Stock and Trade would be at home in a number of decor schemes. Image: Stock and Trade Nashville

Three-tiered chandelier with wood beads

A bright yet moody option for your home, Riverside Franklin offers this three-tiered piece adorned with wood beads. Image: Instagram

We hope this brightened your day and offered some lighting inspiration!


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