5 Best Home Decor Ideas To Re-Decorate Your House

As much as we love the aroma of wet mud, we hate when those sticky shoes get into our home. Monsoon can make our home look dull and boring. Apart from keeping your home monsoon-proof, it’s also essential to make it look stylish at the same time. The best way to elevate that dull aura is by adding pops of colour to the house and adding tweaks and twists in your interiors to make it look the best while ensuring safety in the monsoon. From colour pop decor to cozy furniture, we have the best home decor tips for you to upgrade your home this season.

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Monsoon Decor: Give Your Home A New Look With These Home Decor Ideas

No more monsoon greys when you try out these decor ideas for your home now

1. Add A Pop Of Colour To Your House

Come monsoon and gloominess can take over quite quickly and often. The best way to combat those monsoon greys is to add a pop of colour to your home interiors. Colourful curtains, multicoloured abstract rugs, pastel cushions and more is a great way to accentuate your home during the season. Colours like peppy orange and bright pink are perfect to add a colour pop factor.

2. Add Furniture To Your Balcony

Do you also love those drizzling rains? What better way to enjoy them than by sitting on the balcony with your cup of hot tea! Make your balcony the best place in your house. Add cozy furniture to your outdoor space and make it worth the while you spend there. You can simply cover the open area with umbrellas. Make your tea time worth it on your balcony.

3. High Absorbent Door Mats Are A Must

Doormats are a need in the monsoon season and let’s be honest, no one needs that mess in the house. Monsoon tends to bring sticky shoes and dirt inside the house and this is when we need doormats to keep all of this in check.


Door mats will keep your home clean in monsoons

4. Declutter Your Space

Decluttering is a practice which can help your space stay organised and clean. In monsoon, the walls and furniture absorb moisture and to avoid the mildew it leaves behind, it’s best to move things around and redo the decoration in a way that the walls and furniture are far apart.

5. Add Greenery To The Outdoor Space

Nothing works better than nature to beautify your home. Opt for small, breathable plants for the inside and decorate your outdoor space with some pretty statement plants when outside. You can also opt for hanging planters if you have a small balcony space.

6. Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are a great way to balance the humidity level in your house. They help in maintaining a healthy environment in the house and keeps the air fresh.

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