5 Expert Tips For Compact Bedroom In Small Apartments


oi-Pragya Sharma

Cities have made apartment living popular to suffice the needs of an increasingly population. Smaller houses and tiny bedroom spaces can be transformed to their maximum potential with the help of thoughtful designing. Smart bedroom design ideas will help you to convert a compact space into a stylish functional bedroom.

Lower ceiling height, acute angles, and lack of floor space can be fixed with the right planning and design solutions. By working on the room layout, you can create a fully functional space using clever storage ideas.

To help you design a good bedroom, we have shortlisted five small bedroom design hacks.

5 Expert Tips For Compact Bedroom

1. Work on the Room Layout

While considering a small bedroom design, it is always a good idea to rethink the layout. The furniture pieces must be placed in a way that makes your room appear clutter-free. The bed being the largest piece of the bedroom furniture will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the space hence it is recommended to place it at the centre of the main wall. Try to minimise the amount of furniture by using multi-functional pieces that act as space savers like lofts, built-in wardrobes and hidden pull-out drawers for excess storage.

5 Expert Tips For Compact Bedroom

2. Create an Illusion of Space

Decorating your space with mirrors will instantly make your small bedroom appear brighter and bigger. It is a great idea to place your mirrors opposite or adjacent to the window to allow optimum reflection of light into the bedroom. Another way of uplifting your smaller space is by painting your bedroom in brighter shades of yellow or beige to help the space look airy and spacious. Complement the space by adding similar tones in bedding accessories and floor rugs.

5 Expert Tips For Compact Bedroom

3. Use Functional Furniture

Make the most of your tiny bedroom by creating a bed nook near your window to utilise your empty niche for relaxing. You can opt for a sleek finish sliding wardrobe with removable shelves and multiple drawers to make optimum use as per need. Use multifunctional furniture like an ottoman that acts as seating by providing extra storage which is ideal to keep fabrics and blankets. You can also use a bed that offers plenty of in-built hidden storage.

5 Expert Tips For Compact Bedroom

4. Save Space with Wall Lights

Floor lamps are considered to act as an accent piece to decorate your bedroom with customised lighting options. Incase of smaller bedrooms, it is a good idea to opt for wall-mounted lights as they are considered as an amazing space saving option than floor lamps. Wall mounted lights perfectly help in illuminating the layout of the room with a variety of decorative fixture options from wired to plug-ins.

5 Expert Tips For Compact Bedroom

5. Utilise Your Storage Wisely

While the cupboards are perfect for bigger storage needs, small storage essentials, extra beddings, and décor items, can be concealed in alcove spaces and open shelves. Use vertical storage options that are flexible to move around the bedroom that perfectly fits in the crunch space setting. Instead of bulky furniture, you can consider installing in-built cabinets with recessed shelves. They allow the room to appear neat and streamlined by providing you with sufficient space to move around.