5 Interior Ideas For A Modern Home

5 Interior Ideas For A Modern Home

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2021 interior design is about sleek, contemporary spaces. Traditionally, modern décor meant following the ‘less is more’ theory, where clean lines and form were equal to function. These days, modern homes are more balanced, with a well-rounded mix of old and new. We’re seeing homes move away from cold rooms with cut glass and grey, crushed velvet to a happy medium of warm neutrals paired with audacious pops of color. If you’re looking for a home with the wow factor, follow these tips below and you’ll be well on your way to nailing the trend. 

 1.  Restore Your Pieces

Just because sleek can be chic, doesn’t mean there is no place for pre-loved items. Pick out current items you own that may need a little TLC, such as classic carpeting that needs some area rug repair, and have it restored to its former glory. This is particularly important for items with sentimental or high-monetary value. You don’t want these pieces to go to waste, so just fit in with your modernization. A blend of old and new can work well, particularly in older homes with more traditional architecture. 

2.  Update Your Colour Scheme

An easy way to overhaul a space is by mixing up the color palette. Pantone’s color of the year 2021 is a beautifully modern combination of ‘Ultimate Grey’ and ‘Illuminating’, which is a stunning sunshine yellow. Take inspiration from such a bold color clash and bring it into your own home. 

3.  Paneling And Split Walls

Paneling is usually thought of as traditional and classic, however, it has made a comeback in a major way. The key is to update the trend with a twist. Take heed of tip number 2 and use contrasting colors. Why not add paneling to the lower half of a wall and then paint it in a russet red. Use a dusty pink or tropical orange on the upper part of the wall to make a fearless statement. If you’re not a fan of paneling, a dado rail is a nice low-key option. Something as simple as painting your skirting boards can offer the split color effect more subtly.

4.  Clean Wood

Wood and natural materials give a gorgeous base to a neutral-inspired room. Think wooden shelving housing vases of fluffy pampas grass. If you’re ready for a bigger renovation, update your kitchen with wooden cabinetry. If you’re not ready to commit to a whole room of wood, a wooden accent chair or dining set gives the same cool vibe in a more modest way.

5.  Update Your Accessories

Accessories can easily age a home. If you’re holding on to faded cushions or chipped photo frames and don’t think they’re worth restoring, donate them to charity and start again. Even something as simple as adding plants onto floating shelves can totally transform a space and look more contemporary. 


Will you be using these tips to update your home to the new idea of modern? Let us know in the comments!

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