7 modern lighting trends to brighten your home in 2021

Re-decorating your home is always an exciting thing to do – especially if you’re hopping on the latest design trend and looking to give your interior space a new lease of life.

But when it comes to the task of changing your lighting – it’s not always easy to find the right inspiration and the advice you need to get things done properly.

Sherwood Lighting in Nottingham boasts impressive expertise in all things lighting – with almost two decades of customer service experience and a 2,000 sq. ft showroom based on Mansfield Road, Woodthorpe.

The store also has over 15,000 products for customers to choose from on its website, plus a Sherwood Lighting app you can download and use to get next-day delivery, and installation services on all items.

But that’s not all – most of Sherwood’s lighting is easy to install yourself – if you have the right basic knowledge and tools handy.

Managing director at Sherwood Lighting, Truman Holness said: “For people refurbishing or looking to do up and sell their home, lighting is vital.

“It’s not just a piece of furniture that goes into your house but a way of tying in the decor of a room together and attracting visitor attention. With the right placing and lighting style, it can mage a significant improvement to the inside of your home.”

With so many lighting trends being popular right now, we’ve listed just some of the ones you can choose for your home if you’re planning to renovate over the coming months. See a full list below:

For more information about the range of products and services, Sherwood Lighting offers, visit the website here.

The rustic feel

7 modern lighting trends to brighten your home in 2021
Copper lighting features can add a contemporary finish to any room in your home

There’s nothing like going back to simplicity, and some copper or basic metallic shades could be the perfect touch for adding some minimalistic style to your home.

A lighting backdrop with a rustic theme is definitely in fashion right now – and a piece such as the Shaw floor lamp (£91.20 inc. VAT) in your living room or study will undoubtedly show that you have an excellent taste for interior design.

If your hallway is looking a bit dim then you could also add a few of the Rex single wall lights (£31.20 inc. VAT) to brighten things up – the singular bulb look is bound to turn heads, not to mention it will create a welcoming and tranquil setting as people first enter your home.

Royal quartz

Glittering and glass chandeliers never go out of style

Sparkling chandeliers and opulent over-the-counter lighting is all the rage right now, with many unique shapes and sizes available to fit any room size and style.

All of Sherwood Lighting’s spectacular Sherwood quartz collection features a range of exclusive ceiling lights, table lamps, light pendants and more.

Every item in the collection has been named after a star or constellation for its unique design and luminous quality.

If you’re looking to brighten up your living room and add a sense of awe as you’re entertaining family or friends, why not choose the Pisces 5 light crystal flush (£249.00 inc. VAT) to add some shine to your setting?

Or the Leo 3 light pendant (£176.00 inc. VAT) could create the perfect cosy atmosphere at a dining table or kitchen island if you’re hosting a dinner party for some guests.

Outdoor lighting

Lamposts are an excellent source of outdoor lighting and can last for decades on your property

Over the last few months, more of us have been choosing to spend leisure time outdoors with our loved ones, especially in the comfort of our own back garden. And with summer coming up it’s essential to have the right outdoor lighting you need to keep entertaining guests into the later hours.

Many garden centres in the UK have been low on garden furniture – but this Cool stool (£244.80 inc. VAT) from Sherwood Lighting offers the best of both worlds – both seating and lighting at your convenience.

It’s also easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about any germs, not to mention it changes colour too!

If that’s not your style then why not go for something timeless instead? A sophistic piece like the Wexford chain lantern (£72.00 inc. VAT) or the Elstead Kerry lamp post (£180.00 inc. VAT) will light up your lawn from afar while adding a touch of elegance to your garden – and it will let your neighbours know you’re home as well.

The eco-friendly vibe

LED light bulbs are brighter and longer-lasting than traditional spiral bulbs

It’s important to be environmentally conscious of our energy habits while we’re at home, especially with both the indoor and outdoor lighting we use on a daily basis.

Sherwood Lighting offers a range of LED lighting – which is usually more efficient than traditional lighting and wastes far less energy too.

Pieces such as the Serpens LED table lamp (£120.00 inc. VAT) or the Eridanus LED wall light (£75.00 inc. VAT) could be a perfect fit for your home office or bedroom while saving you expenses on your energy bills as well.

Sherwood lighting also stocks LED energy-saving light bulbs in-store, which only require 4-watt power compared to 30-watt traditional spiral bulbs.

Light and lamp shades

Sherwood lighting stocks light and lamp shades with a wide range of styles and colours

Lamp shades are an important lighting feature to have in your home, since they can make any boring bulb or table lamp look eye-catching and chic.

Sherwood Lighting has a wide range of lamp shades to choose from in various colours and sizes. Having a lampshade of a particular shape in a room can even mean you’re able to control the flow of light in the setting and create the specific mood or atmosphere you want.

If you’re a fan of bold and beautiful accessories in your home then you could opt for this Cordelia 16 inch shade in blue (£30.00 inc. VAT) for your guest room or nursery, a perfect pop of colour to bring out any pastel wallpaper or cool undertones in the rest of your furniture.

If you want to choose something more modern and neutral then try the Tube Shade 135 Putty (£36.23 inc. VAT) – it may be the perfect fit for you and your avant-garde master bedroom, or any other room in the house.

Ceiling lighting

Try something new and unique with your ceiling lighting choice for your home

Sherwood Lighting’s ceiling lighting category is one of the largest in its range and includes thousands of different light fittings to fit all of your needs.

Whether it’s contemporary spotlights or tube lights you want, you’ll find everything you need at reasonable prices to accommodate your budget in-store or online.

If you want to give your hallway or guest bathroom that futuristic touch, this Nur ceiling 34W LED silver ceiling light (£297.60 inc. VAT) is bound to do the trick and make your home look up-to-date too.

Or if you’ve just had your kitchen renovated over lockdown, then this CARA 5 LIGHTING FLUSH ceiling light could add the finishing touch by bringing some soft illumination to your surroundings.

Stairwell lighting

Stairwell lighting is essential for both safety and convenience in your home

It’s vital to have a well-lit stairway in your home, lighting up any darker areas that tend to be left out can bring a homely and comfortable feel to your environment.

Stairwell lighting can also offer an artistic and striking quality to your interior setting when done right.

If you have a spiral stairway in your house or apartment, bring it to life with this Corvus 5 light LED spiral pendant (£324.00 inc. VAT) to complement the architectural quality of your home.

If not then this Pimlico 9LT chandelier (£840.00 inc. VAT) in polished nickel will do just as well to illuminate your straight or winding staircase in style.

For more information about the range of products and services, Sherwood Lighting offers, visit the website here.