Bedroom design ideas: chic yet calm

Find it Caitlin Murray, the founder of Black Lacquer Design in Los Angeles, can serve as an inspiration for a color palette when asked how to tackle room decoration: “It’s a very simple cheat. For the bland, modernized rooms of West Hollywood, interior designers used abstract painting as a starting point. Guided by a combination of neutral and pastel, she set out to give the bedroom enough character “for the lovely and energetic woman of the client”.

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Ms. Murray is a velvet upholstered blush bed and block dresser with CFC furniture, the most bold expression of the soft pink and blue of the artwork.

Elsewhere, Ms. Murray developed the pattern in an interesting way. Pronouncing “trading space” in the early 2000s when the ceiling and walls were white, she put paper on a single wall with white cheetah spots. The crazy quilt of brown rugs is energized by the texture of the ribs.

“A lot of things work as long as they stay within the parameters,” Murray said of the focused formula. “I don’t like to introduce colors that you can’t find anywhere else, because it’s annoying.” This maxim also applies to black. In this room, she introduced the ebony piercing part using both a lamp and a throw. “You can’t have [black] In a vacuum, “she said.

result? A careful fusion of liveliness and tranquility may invite you to sleep, but not from boredom.

1. Grab the guide

Ms. Murray first defined color boundaries in his artwork. “You can stay within those areas and feel cohesive,” she said. For similarly exciting lunch pads, see Craig Greene, Mixed-Media, Canvas, Unframed, and What We Were Thinking. $ 950,

2. Dress It Down

The clever arrangement of angles accentuates the beautiful Art Deco mirrors, nodding to the roots of 1920s homes. The gray waxed mirror finish on the blonde recycled Douglas fir softens the edgy frame. Large CFC Ludwik Floor Mirror, $ 3,263,

3. Be tough

A sensual bed “needs something to make it feel a little more tailored,” the designer said. Adjacent to a structured perch, almost like an industrialized Fabulous Big Bench, $ 791,

4. Limit the quiver

Echo element for continuity. Ms. Murray chose a person who roughly corresponded to the vase of the dresser’s amethyst sitting on the bedside. Start pairing with this organic Pier Wustenberg Sculpted Blow glass vase. $ 374,

5. Play in shape

Neutral colors also work for structurally dignified pieces, such as awkward plaster bedside tables. This handmade sculptural nightstand is just as quiet: Phyllis Waterfall Plaster Accent Table, $ 675,

6. Don’t be afraid of darkness

Black accents, such as bedside lamps, are elements of the ground that could otherwise contribute to chaos. For your own ballast, try a pair of Waylande Gregory black and white Lava Large Chubby Lamps. $ 1,850 each


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7. Great success with pink

“The fabric on this bed is very nice,” Murray said. Create your own compelling statement with the similarly luxurious Kravet Madison Velvet Rosewood Fabric. $ 42 per yard, Decorator

8. Hugh to Your Hughes

Wool rugs provide a patchwork of desert tones found in paintings. Large patterns that blend nicely with mottled wallpapers. Try this relatively chunky option: saffron, khaki, cream blanc Rug From $ 1,199

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