Completely transform the vibe of your room with 10 deals on color-changing LED lamps

Completely transform the vibe of your room with 10 deals on color-changing LED lamps

If you’re a fan of The Dude, you already know that a rug can really tie a room together. Well, you can certainly argue the same out of a quality lamp. While the rug does its work at ground level, a lamp casts its glow in a full 360-degree spread, maintaining just the tone and ambiance you’re looking for in any particular space. 

From floor lamps to table lamps to lamps that almost don’t even qualify as lamps, you can check out 10 fun, cool lighting options right now at prices up to 58 percent off.

Lamp Depot Annular Color Floor Lamp – $104.99; originally $179

Speaking of lamps that you might mistake for something else, your guests might need a few guesses before figuring out this lamp’s primary function. At just under 5 feet high, this minimalist tone-setter almost looks like art — that is, until you fire it up and let its more than 1 million different LED colors and over 330 different multicolor effects start doing their thing. Maybe it is art!

Lamp Depot Circular Color-Changing Lamp – $62.99; originally $149

From a living room table to a nightstand to a countertop, this ring light blends right in. You settle on your color and set one of more than 40 different color-changing modes, and your customized lighting pattern comes to life. It even remembers your presets for next time, even without using the included remote. And it only uses a quarter of the energy of the average table lamp.

Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp – $89.99; originally $149

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, you won’t find anything with a smaller footprint than this master of disguise. It slips quietly into a corner almost unseen, that is until the soft-white integrated LEDs start shuffling through over 16 million different colors and over 300 unique lighting effects. With its quality metal finish and intriguing design, it’s high-impact lighting without ever dominating the space.

Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Spiral Floor Lamp – $89.99; originally $199

This floor lamp turns traditional lighting into its own light show. The unique spiral design bounces more than 16 million colors and nearly 360 different lighting effects in all kinds of unusual ways, all while using 90 percent less power than regular incandescent or halogen lamps. Yet it still remains cool to the touch even after it’s been flashing and splashing colors for hours.

Touch-Sensitive Modular Wall Lighting – $49.99; originally $75

For the creative spirit in you, this wall lighting offers as many different configuration options as it does colors … in fact, even more. The set includes 6 hexagonal tiles that can be mixed and matched into loads of different shapes and patterns. Each tile presents 13 different fixed colors and three different lighting modes, all activated by touch or with the accompanying remote control. With a tap, make one light up — sync them all together for your own customized display.

RGB Nixie Tube Clock – $109.99; originally $140

Nixie tube technology was a staple of the 1950s and 60s — and this eye-catching display clock definitely offers a throwback vibe to any room. The five individual cases light LEDs that seem to emblazon the current time in the air, right down to the second. While it’s a clock, it’s also a lamp, with an array of colors and lighting modes that don’t just tell time but also cast your preferred mood in your given room.

RGB Coil Table Lamp – $69.99; originally $129

The spiral floor lamp splashes a swirling light pattern — but this coiled LED lamp is literally its own spiral. The unique twisted design offers a different take on the 16 million color options and nearly 160 lighting effects, which you can choose with the included remote. Even when it isn’t whirring and flashing, this desktop spiral is still an eye-catcher.

Shadow Lamp Color Projector – $124.99; originally $199

All lamps project light, but not many do it quite as deliberately as the Shadow Lamp. Made of anodized aluminum carved from a solid plate, the high-powered LED works hand in hand with a sophisticated projection system to create a unique effect, painting either an intense sunburst or soothing halo design across your walls. You can even create graphic patterns and change the projection surface to achieve all sorts of ultra-cool lighting effects.

RGB Modern Curve Lamp – $129.99; originally $299

Some lamps stay unobtrusive … but not this high-arching attention grabber. At almost 6 feet long with an exaggerated bend to cast light in any direction, this lamp is sleek and modern, with a full complement of colors and lighting modes to bathe any space in your preferred style or vibe. And with an LED light capable of up to 20,000 hours, you could get a solid two decades of service from this conversation piece.

Sky Smart Floor Lamp – $129.99; originally $125

The Sky Smart lives up to its name, allowing complete control of its color and lighting toolkit via the WiFi-enabled app. In fact, the app is so smart that you can take a picture of any color and the app will automatically replicate it for the lamp. It’ll even adjust to the rhythm of the music playing in the room. And if you don’t want to mess with an app every time, the lamp also takes voice commands through your favorite smart speaker like the Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Google Home. 

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