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Customize your lighting to match your decor style.
Customize your lighting to match your decor style.

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TL;DR: Set the mood in your room with the Color-Changing Wall Light, which is on sale for 42% off. As of May 15, get one for $79.95.

Regular old light fixtures just don’t cut it in the age of TikTok. From galaxy lights to colored LEDs to lamps that double as art, the lighting options these days allow you to truly customize a space and make it your own little sanctuary. If you’re searching for something unique, check out the Protean Color-Changing Wall Light.

Made from aluminum with a sleek finish, the Protean creates evenly lit, indirect light that’s not only warm and welcoming but completely customizable. Plus, the fixture itself is designed to be shatterproof and water-resistant — so you can even add it to your bathroom if you desire.

You can set up the Protean quickly and start flipping through all the dynamic color options. With just a tap on the remote, you can fill up your walls with one, two, or even three different colorful shades at once. You can adjust the brightness, change the specific shade, and even add a color rotation to the mix with the remote as well. Not to overwhelm you, but there are over 16 million color options to choose from. Keep them bright and vibrant for a party atmosphere, or dim things down and warm things up for a cozy date night on the couch.

Ditch the harsh lighting and create a nice ambiance in any room with this wall light. For a limited time, it’s on sale for only $79.95 — over 40% off its usual cost.

Create some serious ambiance with a color-changing wall light on sale