Go Jewelry Shopping for Your Home at PIRCH

Go Jewelry Shopping for Your Home at PIRCH

If you’re looking for an easy way to redecorate, consider replacing hardware in your home. Changing the cabinet and drawer pulls in the kitchen and baths is a great way to update or personalize your look. It’s relatively inexpensive and doesn’t create the inconvenience of remodeling. Upgrading interior and exterior door hardware is also a very effective and simple way to update and elevate your décor.

If you think about it, you touch the hardware in your home constantly, maybe a hundred times a day. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy that? Here at PIRCH, we offer over 10 brands of hardware – all of them finely crafted to be as pleasant to touch as they are to admire.

When choosing new hardware, you have so much variety to explore. All our brands have many textures and finishes, and a plethora of designs, so you’re sure to find something that is exactly right for you. Some of our brands can even be handmade to your custom order.

Entry door handle sets and knobs help create a distinctive first impression of your home. Choose something that is going to help define, right at the front door, what your design aesthetic is, then continue that throughout the house with complementary interior hardware.

While there are the familiar finishes of brass, bronze, stainless, nickel, etc.; our assortment of brands goes well beyond the typical. There is an impressive range of variations in these finishes with subtle differences that allow you to precisely match other fixtures like lighting, faucets, and sinks. Some of our brands offer jeweled insets. Mixed metals are a nice trend now – like combinations of brass and black in the same piece.

As for style choices, this is almost infinite. Whether your décor is traditional, contemporary, or progressively modern, there are plenty of designs to choose among. Some of these brands will customize designs for you, and many are bespoke – making the pieces upon order to your specific requirements.

When you’re ready to explore this easy way to personalize your home, just come into our showroom and one of our sales consultants will help you browse through the displays, narrow down your choices, and spec exactly what you need for each spot in the house. It’s kind of like jewelry shopping for your house!