High Wycombe named one of three places in UK to prefer taking shower over bath

A study has revealed High Wycombe is only one of three places in the UK to prefer taking a shower over a bath.

The long debate over whether the bath or the shower is best has been answered by QS Suppliers, an online bathroom retailer.

After analysing thousands of tweets containing the word “bath” or “shower” from users in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada a list of findings has been published.

The tweets were filtered by the retailer to make sure the main topic was either about taking a bath.

They were then rated with scores greater or equal to 1 classified as positive, and those with a score lesser or equal to 1 were considered negative.

Out of 73 locations listed only Mansfield and Poole joined High Wycombe in choosing to have a shower over a bath.

High Wycombe named one of three places in UK to prefer taking shower over bath

Out of the 70 countries that preferred a bath over a shower, Darlington had the highest percentage of bath-related tweets in the favour of a soak in the tub at 41%.

Nearby Oxford was also high on that list with 39.7%.

The rest of the study revealed High Wycombe was among the minority with 81 per cent of America’s largest cities, 71.4 per cent of Australia’s largest cities and 71.7 per cent of Canada’s largest cities preferring a bath.

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