How to bring travel-inspired mediterranean vibes into your home

Home is where the heart is. That’s why we put together some travel-inspired interior design inspos with a little help from our friends at Cosentino.

For most of us, we’ve stayed home and not travel for the longest period of time. We’ve missed our days basking in the sun in Mykonos, driving from Côte d’Azur to Saint Tropez, and getting lost at the spice market in Istanbul. If you’re like us, and would love to turn the lust for travel into perfect design inspos for your next home redecoration project, let us take you to the Mediterraneans for colour ideas that you’d fall in love in an instance.

We are inspired by the Cosentino Silestone® Sunlit Days Series that offers five hypnotising colours — Posidonia Green, Faro White, Cincel Grey, Cala Blue and Arcilla Red — that you can easily incorporate into your home. Whether you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a new countertop surface makeover or simply to get inspiration, we have you covered. Get ready to be whisked away to the relaxing, sun-kissed Mediterranean coast with these interior design inspos for your home.

Staring at the Mediterranean coast

How to bring travel-inspired mediterranean vibes into your home

Wish you’re in Cinque Terre, simply gazing at horizon of the Ligurian coastline as the breeze sweeps gently through your hair? Stop right that and bring that cool vibe into your home with Cala Blue, a beautiful shade that speaks confidence and class. Whether for the countertop or backsplash, this quartz surface is urban and contemporary — and can go both ways. Pair with warm wood surface for a homey feeling, or match it with white surfaces for an ultra-sleek modern space.

Dive into the Maltese archipelago

Take a dive into the Maltese archipelago and marvel at the stunning corals, shoals of marine life and the dancing Neptune grass. Bring that memory together with flowing sound of water to the bathroom. The Posidonia Green is a timeless shade of green that is darker than mint, but richer than avocado. It is the right balance to enliven a sense of stillness as you find peace while soaking in the tub after a long day. Take this green hue to the next level with vivid wood grains and warm grey tones.

Getting lost in the streets of Marrakech

Wandering through the Medina of Marrakech can be exciting and surprising — there’s so much of energy that will electrify all your senses. From the stimulating bustle of the souks to the palate fatigue you’d get from the open-air kitchens, we think the spirit of place translates beautifully to a work space to keep you motivated throughout your WFH days. The terracotta qualities of the Arcilla Red is beautifully considered to complement wood tones, black accents and even neutral hues. It is also a great colour to make your plants stand out as well.

The rustic Italian country home

If you’re a minimalist who loves your 50 shades of white, the Faro White can be easily incorporated into your kitchen for a warm rustic touch of the Italian countryside. A great complement to wooden surfaces and natural rattans, this off-white tone exudes a warm vibe nuanced by its rich creamy texture for a luxurious finish. Add a show-stopping art-piece — a large colourful painting, plants or even a bouquet of fresh flowers to make this space a welcoming place for the family.

Enjoying the coastal lifestyle

Lounging in a luxury resort in Amalfi Coast is what you want? Let that coastal vibe inspire your home — maybe an island counter crowned with the elegant Cincel Grey. If you have the space, a large island top can double as a preparation counter, a breakfast spot and even a work station as well. You want to feel good and motivated, and the best thing to do is to create an environment that does nothing but inspire you. 

(All images from Cosentino)