How to Make Unique DIY Furniture for Your House

How to Make Unique DIY Furniture for Your House 

Footstool, Photo credit: Steve Maxwell

Why buy the kind of new furniture that everybody else has when you can make your own highly individual pieces? Furthermore, making your own furniture can often be more environmentally friendly than purchasing items that are manufactured and transported from overseas. So, here are some ideas for making DIY furniture that will transform your home into something special. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools and Know How to Use Them

If you are new to DIY, of course you won’t have all the tools required for building furniture. So, your first step should be getting tools and learning how to use them properly. After all, you cannot construct a table without knowing how to make clean cuts with a saw and knowing the correct way to use a drill and other tools. You don’t need to be perfect, but spend time learning the basics before you begin to design and construct custom pieces of furniture. Common tools you will need are:

  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Electric sander

However, if you’re beyond such basics, you may like to consider upping your furniture-making capabilities by using Computerized Numerical Control  (CNC) machinery. These machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry and more and more hobbyists are now using them for home projects. Too expensive? Not when you consider how much money a CNC machine can save you in furniture bills. 

One of the best CNC tools for making furniture is a CNC router. It basically consists of a cutting bed, spindle, drive system, and controller. Most CNC routers have drive systems that enable the spindle to move and cut in three different directions, which means you can create some very complex and interesting shapes with high precision. Whatever you can design on a computer screen your CNC setup can render in real wood. You will find used CNC routers for sale from leading brands that are just as good as new, so it does not have to cost a lot to purchase CNC machinery.