ideas to add interest to your space

We’ve put together some ideas on how to elevate your dining space, from lighting to wall art.

Although traditionally a dining room was one of the main features of a home, in more recent years they have become less common, with many preferring to have their dining table as part of an open plan kitchen and living space.

As part of a larger space, your dining area can get less attention than it might if it were a separate room. There are however, ways that you can make it feel a little more worthy of attention, and like its own zone.

If you do have a separate dining room, these ideas are just as relevant, and you have more freedom to choose a scheme that’s different from your kitchen and living spaces. 


& Tradition

A functional feature that has the potential to add a lot to your space, find a pendant light you really love to have over your dining table. The lower it is hung, the more noticeable it will be, and you can even group several together to create a real feature.


dining room inspiration
Soho Home

Swapping out your dining chairs for something eye-catching will instantly update your space. Whether you prefer to mix and match, go for something colourful, or textured details, you can find something that works with your existing décor.


dining room inspiration
& Tradition

A rug can add much-needed texture and pattern to a space where it is lacking, and a dining area is no exception. Particularly good in an open-plan space for softening noise, they also help define different zones within one room.


dining room inspiration
HK Living

Either one carefully-chosen piece or a gallery wall next to your dining table will set the tone for the whole space, whether you want that to be clean and minimalist, or more eclectic.

Bungalow Denmark

Wallpaper and paint

dining room inspiration
Farrow & Ball

More often seen in separate dining rooms, but deep shades or patterned wallpaper are a great way to add character to any dining space. Whether you add it to just one wall, a corner, or a whole room, it’s a great way to create a specific mood.