Nine quick ways to refresh your decor on a budget

Nine quick ways to refresh your decor on a budget

We’re spending a lot of time at home these days, so it’s understandable if our surroundings have started to look and feel a little stale. Fortunately, there are many ways to breathe new life into living spaces, without calling in a decorator or taking out a loan!

Here are nine ideas to inspire you:

  1. Lighting – From clusters of candles on coffee tables to bold ceiling lights and sculptural floor lamps, lighting has become a key design feature in today’s homes, creating warmth and ambiance.
  1. A room divider – Folding screens can be used to divide a room, provide privacy or create a statement corner. Choose from solid wood, fabric panels, bamboo, wicker or rattan – there are a wealth of options to suit all tastes.
  1. Rugs – Whether you prefer patterned or plain, shaggy or smooth, big or small, adding a rug to your lounge, bedroom or entrance hall is one of the simplest, most striking ways to add warmth and make an impact.
  1. Scatters – One of our favourite ways to add eye-catching colour, pops of pattern and interesting texture to a living room, bedroom or patio! And because décor stores release new cushion styles and designs seasonally, you can update your look as often as you like. Want to know how to style them? Click here.     
  1. Curtains – It’s amazing what effect a new window dressing makes! If you’ve currently got blinds, consider adding sheer flowing curtains to soften the look or replace your existing drops with fabric in a darker or lighter shade. Hang from floor to ceiling for a dramatic effect…
  1. Indoor plants – Arguably one of this year’s hottest décor trends, indoor plants add colour and life to a room, and boost the wellness of your home. Mix a variety of plant and container types, and place them in different locations (think floor, table, and hanging from the wall) to create a stunning urban jungle.
  1. A statement wall – If you want to instantly transform the look and feel of a room, create a statement wall. Opt for a rich paint colour such as dark grey, teal or inky blue, go bright with sunny yellow or coral, or embrace a nature-inspired green (we love sage or olive). Alternatively, play around with wallpaper or vinyl stickers. You won’t be sorry… 
  1. New bedding – Our bedrooms are meant to be a sanctuary and deserve to be well-dressed. Invest in new linen and consider adding a blanket, throw or quilt, plus scatter cushions to ensure a stylish, inviting finish.  
  1. Hang art – Even a minimalist style benefits from having art on the walls. Find paintings, prints or photographs you love and hang them individually or in groups to create appealing focal points in each room. A gallery wall is another way to make a statement, without using wallpaper or paint.

* Photo: Unsplash 

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