The 10 Best Shower Organizers in 2021

The 10 Best Shower Organizers in 2021

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Even the roomiest bathrooms can feel oppressive when your shower gear is disorganized. Shower organizers keep all of your shampoo bottles, conditioners, bath soaps, scrubs, razors and shaving lotions in one place. Shower organizers are especially essential if multiple people are sharing a bathroom: You know where your gear is, but it also ensures your stuff doesn’t take over another person’s precious shelf space.

What to Consider

A shower organizer seems like a minor purchase, but it’s something you’ll be using every day. If you want to end up with a more organized morning routine, keep these few things in mind, and your day will be off to a much better start.

Shower organizers can be suspended from showerheads, mounted on walls, hung from doors or shower curtains, even rest on the floor or be attached to a corner wall. Think carefully about what will work best for your space.If you have a larger family using the organizer, you might want to consider a pole caddy that stands in the corner of the shower. They normally have about four shelves and don’t take up too much space. For smaller families, a hanging caddy can do the trick. Finally, consider how important having a place for your razor, bar of soap and shampoo bottles is. Some organizers are designed with a specific focus in mind, and make sure it suits your needs.

How We Selected

We tracked down hundreds of shower caddies, focusing on classic set-ups, including the over-the-showerhead and pole-style design. We considered both professional assessments and consumer reviews, and sought out products from well-established companies with excellent reputations for customer service. A shower caddy may not seem like a big deal, but when you find one that suits you, it can transform your morning routine.

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Best Pole Splurge

OXO Good Grips Pole Caddy

This rustproof anodized aluminum pole caddy fits into a shower corner and extends from 5 to 9 feet. This caddy is sturdy and easy to install, with a single connection that locks it into place. 

The four shelves hold a lot of gear, and are removable, which makes cleaning a lot easier. The shelves also have holes so you can store bottles upside down. This caddy does not come cheap, but it carries a lifetime guarantee against rust or breakage. 

Reviewers say it is “an outstanding product in every way,” and “the installation requires no tools.”


Best Bargain Pole

ADOVEL Corner Shower Caddy

This stainless steel rustproof corner caddy is easy to assemble, and adjusts to between 4.5 and 9 feet. The caddy features four removable shelves with patented drain design, so they don’t become water-logged. There’s also a hook to hang your washcloth on. 

Reviewers say the “materials are good quality,” and that installation took about “10 minutes.” One raved that the caddy “helps organize everything, and is way better than any of the ones with suction cup attachments.”


Best Bottle-Focused Caddy

Verona Metal Wire Hanging Caddy



If your shower gear tends to come in bottle form, this caddy is for you. The over-the-showerhead caddy features six angled bottle shelves, two storage shelves and four hanging hooks to keep all of your showering amenities at your fingertips. 

This 25-inch tall iDesign caddy is made with durable steel. The installation is a breeze—no mounting or hardware required. 

Reviewers who have a lot of bottles say it’s a “really great investment” and the only one they could find where “the bottles don’t fall out.” Some do advise buyers to purchase the additional suction cups, as it makes the caddy more stable and secure.


Best Over-the-Door Option

Meal Over-Door Shower Organizer

This over-the-door shower organizer makes keeping essentials close at hand simple. The vintage-inspired design features two shelf baskets, four smaller hooks and razor holders, two larger hooks, and an open grid design that encourages water drainage and air circulation to prevent mold and mildew. 

The installation is easy, featuring a simple hang model with section cups for added security. The 21.6-inch high caddy is made from steel, with a rust-resistant finish. Reviewers praise this “smaller sized” shower caddy that “comes assembled and doesn’t take up too much space.”


Best Overall

OXO Good Grips 3-Tier Caddy

This straight-forward shower caddy does exactly what it’s designed to do. It has enough capacity to hold shower accoutrements for two people, it features a removable soap dish with a built-in razor holder for easy cleaning, it can be hooked over the shower head and is more stable than many other caddies thanks to the wall-hugging suction cups located at the bottom, and it is made from durable, high-quality materials that won’t break down after a year or two. 

Reviewers love its “beautiful, modern and sleek look,” which “fits my shower perfectly.”


Best Budget

MAYTEX Quick Dry Mesh Organizer

This super-budget organizer is a great fit for people with limited shower space. The mesh pockets organizer can be used inside or outside the tub to organize soaps, shampoos, razors and toys. It pairs best with O Ring Shower Curtain rings, and can be hung with an existing curtain or liner. 

Reviewers caution to not load more than one pound’s worth of items into a pocket, but say “the stitching and mesh are both high-quality,” and the organizer “is so useful!”


Best Loved

Adjustable Shower Caddy



This caddy has an average of 4.7 stars on Amazon from more than 7,575 users. The hang-over-the-showerhead Simplehuman caddy features completely adjustable shelves that can be moved up, down and sideways to accommodate bottles of different sizes and shapes; the quick-dry soap dish drains out water. The organizer is made from rustproof stainless steel and anodized aluminum. 

Reviewers love that the caddy fits “the newer models of razors” and “bulk-buy shampoos.” One summarized their bliss writing, “it is everything shower organizers should be.”


Best Floor Model

Corner Shower Caddy



If you don’t want to fuss around with a mounted caddy, this floor model is a wonderful option. 

The Simplehuman caddy has adjustable feet to ensure stability on slipper and uneven floors, and features two adjustable shelves for bottles of different sizes. The organizer features a five-year warranty and is made from rustproof aluminum and stainless steel. The 30.5-inch-high caddy also has two storage hooks for razors and washcloths. 

Reviewers say it is “very well made” and “worth the extra bucks to purchase a quality caddy.”


Most Versatile

Expandable Over-the-Showerhead Caddy

Zenna Home


This nice-looking shower caddy has clean lines and installs easily. The Zenna organizer is designed to work on all types of showerheads, including handheld shower hoses, and features a non-slip collar so it stays in place. It also features four baskets that slide, so you can customize the spacing to accommodate tall bottles. The caddy is made of steel with a chrome finish, so it resists rust. Some reviewers complain that there’s no holder for bar soap, but praise its “secure” fit over the showerhead and overall “affordability.”


Best Wall-Mounted Organizer

Wall-Mounted Shower Caddy

Vidan Home Solutions


The Vidan shower caddy is your best bet if you have your heart set on a wall-mounted caddy. Organizers that mount to the wall are notorious for either requiring drilling, holes and tools to install them, or for not sticking. But this one is easy to install, and adhere to non-porous, smooth and glossy surfaces such as glazed ceramic and tile, glass or mirrors. This 15.2-inch-tall stainless steel shower caddy is rustproof, and features a roomy two tiers of shelves with hooks to accommodate bottles, bar soap, razors and other showering accessories. Reviewers say this caddy “is worth the money” and “it holds, no problem!”

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