These are the 3 home features that add value, according to an architect

The architectural features that add value to your home are like the hardware that will amplify and enhance all the other positives in a house. While painting and decorating a house go a long way to make it appealing to buyers, good architectural choices never go out of fashion and will be appreciated even more.

We’ve asked an architect how to add value to your home.  Jim Rill of Rill Architects gives his top choices of architectural features that will increase your home value at resale. 

1. Connecting the inside and outside

A home designed by Rill Architects

(Image credit: Angie Seckinger)

Indoor-outdoor living spaces are consistently popular with buyers who want to make the most of spending time outside in the backyards. Jim’s main tip is: ‘Designing outside spaces to be functional rooms by connecting the interior with the exterior via front and back porches, terraces, garden seating, and more are architectural elements that add value to a home.’