These Citites Are the Best For Gardening, a Study Reveals

These Citites Are the Best For Gardening, a Study Reveals

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Gardening and growing houseplants have risen in popularity since the start of the pandemic, with many choosing to take up the meditative hobby.

But which U.S. states are home to the most green thumbs? Breck’s, one of the largest American importers of Dutch flower bulbs, recently unveiled a new survey that showcased the gardening capitals of the world. The results were measured by tallying up the number of times a city or state was mentioned with #GardensonInstagram.

The study analyzed around 10,000 social media posts, and the results are in: In America, the top two gardening cities are California (with 310 posts) and Michigan (with 159).

According to the report, “Michigan residents have a particular passion for gardening, as tulip farms and flower farm cooperatives span the state, from Holland to Detroit.” So it makes sense that the state hosts an annual Tulip Time Festival, which features a parade, dance performances, and other festivities celebrating the blooming tulips in spring, as well as the city’s rich Dutch history.

New York only ranked third on the list with 151 posts—but it’s home to the U.S. city with the most number of tags: NYC.

Breck’s survey also includes a look at the international gardening capitals, which you can read up on right here.

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