Trend Colors For Light Kitchens This Year

for many, The kitchen is often the heart of the home, A place where food is prepared, but also a meeting place and daily activity. While it is normal that when we spend a lot of time in a room we forget to look at the color or the decor, it is important that we keep this in mind to be more comfortable in that space., And to change the image, nothing better than a good coat of paint that brings a fresh air to a kitchen or any other room., If your kitchen is in need of a makeover, a new color is a great idea. If you don’t know where to start, don’t miss the following ideas to inspire you and get the change you so desperately want. Here are some tips to get you started.

The trends of recent months are committing to coloring throughout the house, especially in the kitchen. Although grays and neutral tones like cream never go out of style, they’ve been making their way in recent months. purest color, Vivid and intense colors like blue, yellow, red, green, pastel tones or very peri, Pantone 2022 colors are some of the most fun, fresh and daring choices that are already being seen to brighten up the kitchen. These colors also have the property of providing energy and vitality to the room., Don’t think about it and bet on them, you won’t regret it!

Pastel colors, a great trend of the season in the kitchen

color is an element that is capable Generate emotion, transform spaces, create atmosphere and renew the decor of any room, The key is in a good combination, something that, this season, many people are looking for pastel colors in small doses, Along with allowing for other more saturated tones, they are one of the most prominent color ranges in recent months. In shades of pink, yellow, green or blue, these colors They offer a distinct touch, sweet and warm. Their bubbly aesthetic is irresistible and moreover, they fill the kitchen with color creating a very cozy atmosphere.,

Tones of pink evoke calmness and sweetness, perfect for adding a friendly touch. Blue, in its pastel shade, invokes calm and encourages concentration, which is perfect for a work space such as a kitchen. Its relaxed aura reflects the feeling of freedom and open sky on a hot summer day. And as far as yellow is concerned, it is undoubtedly a color synonymous with joy. It enhances the feeling of shine and imparts a playful and very springy feeling. It goes with almost anything and will make appliances look like a flash of light. For their part, pastel greens are like a breath of fresh air and are ideal for creating an atmosphere full of harmony. It is the color of nature’s excellence.

Details of kitchen faucet with pale pink wall and white furniture

These colors connect with others like very peri, Color of the year according to Pantone. it is a vowel that is found between blue and purple red, A cheerful and versatile color, able to add Freshness for Spaces Through small decorative items, painted walls or furniture or accessories in that color. Although it seems difficult to connect at first, Very Perry totally goes along white, wood, glass and neutral colors, Guaranteeing bright spaces that will appear larger visually.

Kitchen with tile, in white and black finishes, with wooden shelf with glass, jars, plants and touches of color with blue potash

Nor are they missing from the big bets blue in its various versions, And it is impossible to resist its charm and elegance, with these tones that are reminiscent of the ocean. Plus, it’s a color that works great alone, And it is that monochromatic kitchens in blue give great results, especially when they have a lot of light. He too yellow, whose force acts as a magnet for the eye. Therefore, they recommend Use it in small doses in the kitchen. Sun yellow is a color associated with summer and for the kitchen it can be used on clothing (kitchen towels, table linens, etc.), walls or even kitchen furniture.

Details of silver faucet with black sink and bright yellow wall

The most courageous know that, over the years, andRed color is coming. it’s a vowel that In addition to providing the nuances of adventure and pleasure, it helps to increase appetite and provide energy. to all those present. Being a very attractive color, you should be be careful when using it And don’t overload the kitchen with it. Depending on the size of the room, the distribution of furniture, and the color of electrical appliances, you may choose to paint one wall red, pair tiles of this tone with a lighter one, or introduce it into furniture and countertops. can do. and like, Green, a color that harmonizes very well with the most natural elements like white and wood.

Kitchen in black and wood with green banquette

Colorful accessories, an option for the less adventurous

It’s not normal to choose a kitchen with too many colors, as it’s easy not to go wrong with neutral colors like gray, white, earth or black in the kitchen. Therefore, for those less adventurousbut still want Add a Touch of Color to Your KitchenThey can also do this through textiles such as tablecloths, curtains, kitchenware or decorative items such as stools or chairs.

modern kitchen white upper and blue lower cabinets with silver appliances

And it can be as simple as improving the look of your kitchen, for example, adding a new carpet, a colorful tableware or lamp, or an apron with personality.

Two shelves with varied and colorful crockery

there is another option include an accent color from a nearby room. Although it can be difficult to add an accent color, with cabinet walls, appliances, and open spaces, Experts recommend doing this on the wall outside the kitchen, but next to (In a hallway, through kitchen, back wall of adjacent dining room, next room,…)

Trend Colors for Light Kitchens This Year