Why you shouldn’t decant bathroom products into clear glass bottles

It’s hard to go on Instagram without stumbling upon a dreamy bathroom. More often than not, they’re adorned with sleek glass dispensers in lieu of not-so-chic shampoo or soap bottles. 

The same goes for kitchens, too, as an Aesop-style bottle is a far more beautiful sink accessory than your standard bottle of Dawn. If – like us – you’ve jumped on the decanting trend, keep reading. Because experts are warning that it’s not always the best idea in practice.

dark glass soap dispensers with black pumps

(Image credit: Alamy)

The founder of refillable beauty brand Circla, Claudia Gwinnutt, says that storing some beauty products in a clear glass bottle can ‘deactivate’ them. ‘The packaging of a beauty product can affect the performance of the product, that’s why product companies have to test the packaging as part of the manufacturing process,’ she says.