Woman Transforms ‘World’s Smallest Bathroom’ at Just 33 Inches Wide

A woman has shared her challenging “hellscape” of a bathroom renovation after revealing the room was a mere 33 inches wide—the width of a doorframe.

Amber Milne documented her interior transformation after buying her first apartment in Glasgow, Scotland.

Milne snapped up the 117-year-old flat and set about restoring it, while adding her own stamp on things.

She shared her progress to TikTok and Instagram as she sanded floors, painted walls and ripped up old carpet.

But it was the bathroom that gave her the most headaches, with the tiny space measuring less than three feet wide.

The dated suite, which featured black and beige tiles, had a boxed-in tub at the far end, a toilet with barely enough room for her legs while sitting, and a sink on the right-hand wall.

As well as grappling with the extremely thin room, she revealed it also had a bizarre set of steps running up it, making the remodel even more challenging.

She jokingly shared a post back in March as she begged for help from professionals, saying: “OPEN CALL: Are you a PLUMBER? Do you love to help the poor and MEEK of this world? Well do I have the opportunity for you!

“Please dear lord please help me fix this hellscape. A bathroom the width of a doorframe with at least three too many steps, this little baby is a puzzle only Mensa level minds have a hope of solving. Applicants should be able to listen to a very anxious 20-something wax lyrical about freestanding baths for hours on end. Plumbing experience also valued.

“The lucky winner of this unique opportunity will win a CASH PRIZE of however much it costs to refit a bathroom. ENTRIES OPEN NOW! In all seriousness please someone help me. There’s only so many times I can wear designated “bathroom shoes” without bursting into tears.”

It seems Milne did find a plumber willing to take on the job, as she shared a video to TikTok on Saturday, documenting the progress.

She said: “Next on the to do list—get a freestanding bath in a 0.85m wide bathroom. Pray for the world’s smallest bathroom. The width of a doorframe. Oh, and it has a wonky ceiling.”

A follow-up video revealed workmen were forced to take the door off to gain access, as Milne said: “Literally could not fit two men and an open DOOR in my bathroom. They had to take off my bathroom door to fit everyone in. They left it in my bedroom.”

Milne’s Instagram account, which explains she’s “renovating our Edwardian Glasgow tenement flat on a budget,” later shared snaps of the finished product.

“IT’S FINISHED—the bathroom is finally done and I’m very happy with it. Truly a miracle that we got a freestanding bath in there but the brave men who took on the job were true geniuses. Still need to put my own stamp on everything but I’m a very happy lady indeed,” she raved.

The room is almost unrecognizable from its original look, with Milne opening up the space by raising the ceiling and installing a free-standing tub—although people claimed she was “insane” to try, and should have put a shower in instead.

Reflective tiles also added the illusion of space, as Mile raved: “Feels so much bigger with the ceiling raised and the four-odd layers of tiles scraped away. Was also delighted to see that although they can’t level the floor completely, they’ve managed to take a good chunk off that horrifying second step.”

Numerous DIY fans have commented on Milne’s efforts, impressed at her effective use of the space.

Scottishberserker commented in disbelief: Here f*** off is that the same bathroom!!! Haha that is quality mate!! Looks f****** awesome!!!”

Food_with_alvaro reckoned: “That looks unreal.”

Joking about how small it is, Menamesjeff said: “No one: The Sims 4.”

Joe agreed, saying: “My bathroom on Sims when I forgot to add one.”

While Jeo wrote: “I will never complain about my bathroom again.”

Newsweek reached out to Milne for comment.

Woman Transforms ‘World’s Smallest Bathroom’ at Just 33 Inches Wide
Stock image of a small bathroom. A woman, named Amber Milne, has shared her “hellscape” renovation after transforming a bathroom a mere 33 inches wide.